1. New or Used?

Before buying a laptop, determine the condition, want a new or used. I do not think there is any problem, during the preparation as in the next points. But if you're going to buy traces but do not know tips tricks, then there is likely to be disappointed.

2. Convenience Keyboard

No doubt, high specs and laptop designs become the main criteria when choosing a laptop. However, it should also be remembered also that you will spend a long time with your computer. So according to Jaka, something more important than just a laptop form is the convenience of its keyboard.

You should feel yourself, whether the laptop keyboard feels comfortable in hand? Because almost all activities will rely on the keyboard, especially for you who struggled to write articles. Things like the distance between keyboard keys, keyboard lights, and keyboard keys when pressed, should be thoroughly comfortable to use for a long time.

3. Conventional vs Hybrid

Conventional laptops are helpful for you in completing various jobs, although the size is a bit inconvenient to carry and cumbersome enough weight. But now there's no need to worry anymore. The development of 2-in-1 or hybrid laptop device allows you to have tablets and notebooks in a convenient size.

So, choose a conventional or hybrid laptop? These points are contrary to points 1 and two regarding the convenience of using a computer. But, of course, back to your needs. If you need a portable laptop and only for light work, maybe you are fit to use 2-in-1 laptop.

4. Laptop Warranty and Service Center

Then the next we need to carefully before buying a laptop that is about the warranty given to the laptop, a laptop can be measured the quality of the old guarantee given, the more extended the warranty provided by the manufacturer to the production the better

Things that should not be missed before buying a laptop that is the location of the service centre, it would be better if the laptop service centre that we want to buy will have a service centre location not far from your residence, aiming for more comfortable contact when the laptop you buy will have problems.

5. Warranty and After Sales Service

Warranty, of course, is also a matter to be considered when wanting to buy a laptop. Usually the length of time the warranty can be a reference, whether the product has good quality or not. For example, ASUS laptop, they dare to guarantee up to 2 years. However, what does it mean if the warranty is not accompanied by adequate quality service centre service? You should also seek information, about the availability of service centre, especially in your city will make it easier for you, who knows in the future there are obstacles or damage.

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